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Whether you are a small business owner with a small modest shop or have multiple locations, LNR can care for all you electrical needs. From installing simple ceiling fans in your place of business to upgrading your electrical panels and wiring, our electricians will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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LNR Electrical offers best in services to all our customers. We provide comprehensive services delivered by highly trained and certified professionals; creative design and build services; along with a fleet of well-maintained vehicles and equipment-you get it all!

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One of the basic functions of switchgear is protection, which is interruption of short-circuit and overload fault currents while maintaining service to unaffected circuits. Switchgear also provides isolation of circuits from power supplies. 

Power Line

A major goal of overhead power line design is to maintain adequate clearance between energized conductors and the ground so as to prevent dangerous contact with the line.

Project Management

Project Management is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion.We aim to meet our client’s requirement in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project.

Power Systems

We provide very comprehensive services delivered by highly trained and certified professionals.Power engineering deals with the generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electric power and the electrical devices connected to such systems including generators, motors and transformers.

Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioning is the process of altering the properties of air (primarily temperature and humidity) to more comfortable conditions, typically with the aim of distributing the conditioned air to an occupied space such as a building or a vehicle to improve thermal comfort and indoor air quality.

Assessment and Consultation

An energy audit is an inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows, for energy conservation in a building, process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s).