Standby Uninterruptable Power Supply - UPS

Just about everyone uses a surge protector extension cord when plugging in their home computer and related accessories, but these days the modern home is replete with sensitive electronic devices that could benefit from surge protection. Rather than having that many unsightly extension and power cords behind every device, many homeowners are turning to whole-home surge protection systems for an added layer of assurance and protection.

LNR Electrical can install these whole-home surge protection systems quickly and easily with minimal disruption in lifestyle. We have found these systems particularly valuable for homes that have experienced lightning strikes – mountain properties are particularly susceptible – and for homes in areas that frequently experience power surges from the electric provider.

Whole-home surge protectors are valuable in protecting computers and accessories, televisions and accessories, entertainment systems, major and minor appliances, laundries, even air conditioners and the electronic portions of the heating system. One lightning strike can do more than knock out power to a home; it can damage or ruin valuable electronic machines that can result in the hassle of insurance claims and replacement. Whole-home surge protection installed by LNR Electrical goes a long way to preventing such an episode.