L.E.D Lighting

Uninterruptable Power Supply systems, UPS, are basically battery-based power devices featuring a DC-to-AC inverter that act as temporary, yet highly valuable protection for critical technology and data machines and storage devices. In the event of a power outage affecting computers, servers and data storage, there is always the risk that valuable and highly sensitive work in progress or data can be compromised or even lost.

With the installation of a UPS system, power to these devices will never be at risk for a pre-determined period of time (it varies depending on the size of the UPS system and the number of devices connected), so that computer owners or IT service personnel have a window of opportunity to properly shut down their devices and save work and data.

LNR Electrical has the expertise to evaluate your UPS needs and install the proper device or multiple devices to protect your valuable data assets from the inevitability of power interruptions.