Lighting Maintenance

Rewire your thinking! Commercial LED installations can make the difference between a smart workplace and a smarter one. Likewise our residential LED applications are saving homeowners significant costs while boosting their value.

LNR Electrical emphasis on green-build technologies is about cleaner, fresher air. Allstar has made a commitment to promoting and implementing low-cost sustainable products for the homeowner and commercial property owner that meet the electrical guidelines. These standards for state-of-the-art environmentally sustainable technology are becoming more popular in construction today.

Commercial use of LED systems is ahead of the residential curve, incorporating LED lighting into new construction across the board. Facilities managers are fans of LED technology because of the bottom-line proof that it’s cost-effective and longer lasting. These managers are netting ongoing savings for their owners.

With the average homeowner stretched to pay an outsized mortgage, the appeal of LED lighting has to be in the savings. Market Watch News reports that historically electrical and lighting represents 40-60 percent of residential energy consumption. Conversion to energy-efficient lighting gives a homeowner increased control over routine monthly spending.